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A respectful discussion focused on facts.

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Hierarchical vote enabling balanced views.

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A strong decision based on consensus, with a good adoption.

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What is Open Agora?
A collective decision making system.

Open Agora aims at providing an online tool for collective decision making.

Currently, Open Agora is a simple yet effective polling system for Slack (a powerful team discussion system that is used by thousands of companies all around the world).

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How does it work?
A clear three-step workflow.

Soon, Open Agora will offer a standalone version that will enable anyone to create Agoras. These Agoras hold discussions, that evolve into a vote and finally produce an automated report. The generic workflow is the following:

  1. Discuss. Propose voting options; discuss the current options
  2. Vote. Hierarchical vote (Condorcet, Instant runoff, ...)
  3. Synthesis. Semi-automatic aggregation of factual elements from steps 1. and 2., mixed with information from the actual vote.
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Create polls in Slack.
Simple and rich.

Open Agora extends Slack with a polling system. It provides a /poll command (documentation/support), that lets Slack users create polls in channels, to vote and to get the results as in-line bar or pie charts.

Slack logo Screenshot of Open Agora in Slack
Screenshot of Open Agora in Slack

One-click registration

We only require your email address in order to register our app to your Slack team (you may use a single address to register several teams).

Once you allow Open Agora to access your Slack team, we will only configure the slash command /poll for you. Thus, apart from what you type using this command, we will not be able to read any of your team information or channel contents.

More details in our Open Agora Slack app's privacy policy.

Condorcet voting system.

Condorcet method: voters may cast several votes sorted by preference (the first votes being the preferred options). Then the Schulze algorithms select the most consensual option(s).

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